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Welcome to Angelo Custode

real estate professionals

We offer support at every stage of relocation,
renegotiation of a rental agreement, expansion or consolidation.

Welcome to Angelo Custode

Commercial properties in Warsaw

We offer a huge choice of retail spaces for rent. You can find the property in
the biggest cities in Poland: Kraków, Warsaw or Wrocław.

Welcome to Angelo Custode

Student housing and accommodation for students

We offer flats and apartments, university dorms,
studios and rooms for rent.


ABOUT Angelo Custode

Angelo Custode work with buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees across all property types. We have been dealing with real estate brokerage and trading for over 17 years. Real estate is our passion, which we develop every day. We offer rental and agency services in the sale of commercial and office properties. We make every effort to ensure that our offers are reliable and present functional premises, which properly arranged and managed will contribute to the success of your company.

Find the perfect space for your business – a place that supports your people, and where they’ll be excited to go every day.

We have a deep understanding of the Warsaw market and can help you achieve your commercial real estate ambitions.

Everyone, who decides to leave their own country and temporarily live in Poland, should have guaranteed professional care of a company which provides high level of services. That is why we have founded our company which makes every foreigner to feel in Poland like in their own homes. Most companies take care of a foreign client only in a limited range e.g. organizing long or short business stay, although stay in Poland doesn’t end only with resettlement and finding suitable place to stay. In the contrary, after resettlement foreigners need more help… help with organizing everyday life.

Our company will help you not only with finding suitable place to stay in competitive price or obtaining residential status. We will take care of your families and minimize discomfort and stress related to changing place of residence and help them quickly and smoothly start functioning in new circumstances.


We provide comprehensive services to individual clients and companies in the field of renting various types of office and commercial space as well as houses, apartments or rooms for students. Please read the detailed scope of our services.




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