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Property Hunting

- We can help you to find the good flat in the good price
- We can arrange the moving house services, arranging transport for people and belongings/ equipment
- We can help you with contract signing with TV, Internet and phone providers

Official Matters

- We can help you to registration you in Poland
- We can help you to open your own bussines in Poland
- We can help you to find the schools for children or organize after school activities
- We can help you to creating your bank account in Poland

Car Service

- We can help you to find the car
- We can help you to register your car in Poland
- We can arrange the towing and services of your car - we provide low prices to our clients

Maid Service

- We can help you to arrange house cleaning services: frequent cleaning, deep cleaning, ironing services
- We can arrange english/ italians / french speaking babysitter/ nanny, who can take care of the child when you want to go to the theter, shopping
- We can help you in basic fixing of white goods, TV, etc. within the flat
- We can renovate your flat

Medical Care

- We can arrange the appointment with the medical specialist or assistance of a translator during the appointment
- Translation of medical documents


- We can offer you the translation of legal and technical documents


- Tax proceedings
- Tax procedures
- Tax reviews
- Insurance

And also many other things, like

- Event/ party coordination services for birthday/ surprise parties – photographer, video services, DJ, music band, catering, location, etc.
- Ticketing services (theatre, cinema, concerts, etc.)
- Arranging sightseeing trips, this includes: hotel booking services, tour guide help in order to understand and get to know better our customs, traditions and our country
- Assistance with dealing the Police – by phone/ in person translation (e.g. parking ticket, car towing, car accidents, etc.)
- Assistance in online shopping – translator assistance during finalising the purchase, to help understand the product specifics and delivery services